Green Envy

Daytime cocktails- The Green Envy

Green Envy

Lovely lunch party on a promising spring day. What to drink during the daytime? You have some cocktail-phobic friends coming so you don’t want anything too strong, but the occasion calls for something more festive than the usual Pinot Grigio. Try gently easing your friends into cocktails by starting with sparkling wine-based concoctions. I have never met anyone who didn’t like this on first sip. It’s crisp, refreshing, unusual and not too sweet. The resulting alcohol content is actually the same as that of the sparkling wine you choose to use.

For six Green Envy’s:

Slice a cucumber lengthwise on a mandolin or use a cheese slicer to get long thin cross-sections. Curl them so they fit snugly inside the walls of your champagne flutes.

Pour over ice into a small jug:
1.5 ounce cucumber infused vodka
0.5 ounce non- alcoholic Elderflower cordial, such as Bottlegreen

Stir well for 1 minute, then pour about 1/3 ounce into each cucumber-garnished glass. Top up with either Prosecco for a slightly sweeter, lighter drink or Cava if you prefer a dryer more bubbly drink.

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