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blood oranges or sanguinellos

How to Construct a Bespoke Cocktail

or Antidote to a Stressful Week

Bob, my new best friend

Bob, my new best friend

In a week where blood, sweat, and tears were spilt, bitter words exchanged, and ideas pulped, I was determined to make a Friday night cocktail to restore balance.  The usual ethanol delivery methods felt inadequate, so I thought it necessary to deconstruct the week’s assaults and reassemble them into a bespoke cocktail.

Here’s my cocktail de/construction process:
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time for Lime and Thyme

Gin’s the Thing

Or “Shut Up and Drink Your Gin”… said Fagin to Oliver Twist

Gin is essentially neutral grain spirits, otherwise known as vodka, flavoured with juniper but it’s history is anything but neutral. It was created by a Dutch physician in the 17th century and sold in pharmacies as a medicine to treat a host of ailments.  It was also used to instill “Dutch Courage” to make soldiers more bold before battle.  When William of Orange and his English wife Mary were crowned King and Queen of England in 1689, gin surged in popularity in Great Britain.
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margaritaville welcomes you....

Welcome to Margaritaville

Or Where’s My Lost Shaker of Salt?*

Running in the park with the dog this morning,  I was cheered by the sight of countless tiny wild daisies raising their little heads up through the deep green grass.  Having just returned from a week in Spain, the language was still riffling through my head.  Daisy is Margarita in Spanish.  The rare confluence of English sunshine, cheerful wildflowers, and guests coming for dinner had me hankering after making juicy Margaritas for cocktail hour.

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only dregs left after a jolly cocktail session...


When life gives you rhubarb vodka, make a cocktail…

One day in the doldrums of late winter, my friend Julia appeared at my door with a bottle of vodka. Not just any vodka, this was Chase Rhubarb Vodka, distilled from potatoes in Herefordshire, England.  A limited edition, it came complete with its own cheery little Union Jack bow tie.  As she pressed it into my hands, she said “I’m curious to see what you can do with this”.

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