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Waitrose wine section

Waitrose Value Wine

Shopping for value wines at Waitrose is a tranquil experience.  For a start, the choice is not too overwhelming, and the layout of the wine section is organic, not linear.  The price cards on the shelves include a brief description of the wines, with food pairing ideas. These don’t always match my experience of the wine, but it is helpful to have something to go on.  Like the book shops that pepper their shelves with staff recommendations, I saw other shoppers peering intently at the wine notes on Waitrose’s shelves.
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4 bottles high x 40 metres long

Tesco Value Wine

My desire to be even-handed in seeking value wines from a variety of sources found me blinking at the 40+ metres of wine-laden shelves in my nearest Tesco Extra.  I actually like food shopping at Tesco for that wide-aisled, 10 varieties of cornflakes feeling.  But their selection of wine was truly mind-boggling.  My criteria was under £7 and no obvious Tesco labelling.

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